Stop Relying on Grid Power

Off Grid solutions are for homes or offices where grid availability is low. These systems offer complete autonomy and independence from the national grid. Energy is stored in batteries for use at night and other times when the solar panels are not generating as much electricity as you require.

It is important to note that there really is no absolute standard off grid system and that the system should be designed to suit your specific electrical loads and use patterns. At ReCube Energy we are experts at off grids systems and our team of engineers will make sure that whatever system you order is personalised to your needs.

Off grid systems are more expensive than grid connnected systems due to extra component required- such as batteries to store the power, but when compared to generation cost using Diesel Generators, they give a speedy payback.

Turn Your Rooftop Into a Power Plant

With the solar thrust growing for energy conservation on grid solar systems have become increasingly popular where cost cutting is the key agenda. Throughout the daytime a major portion of electricity can be generated through on grid solar panels which is way less costly than the conventional electricity sources. Solar Grid interactive systems are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement of any scale and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The projects can vary from small 1kW solar power plant to 1 MW scale, depending on the customer prerequisite.

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